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Liberty Hill Montessori
Liberty Hill Montessori Preschool is pleased to accommodate
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Ribbon Cutting - Grand Opening
Respecting and nurturing your child's dignity and ability is a critical element of our program.  In our classroom, our teachers address the specific needs of your child who learns through work, play and practice with hands on materials.  Our teachers are keenly aware of your child's developmental needs.  They introduce learning and accomplishment while observing the children and preparing the next activity. 

Children develop a love of learning that shines through as they treat their materials with care returning each piece to its proper place at the end of each activity.  Montessori School children learn individually and are encouraged to work at their own pace.  We help every child discover and learn from his or her own experiences as our teachers offer guidance along the way.
As your child masters an exercise, teachers guide him or her to the next activity and next appropriate challenge. 

Our goal is simple.  We prepare children for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.  Our teachers are committed to insuring that your child receives a broad academic education in the context of a carefully planned, stimulating environment.  Through proven methods we help children develop the essential foundation, habits, attitudes, skills and ideas that will shape the way they discover which, in turn, will help them to succeed in life.

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