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For Enrollment you will need the following:
This enrollment packet includes all documents to be filled out, items you need to provide (shot records, etc.) and other information you need to know.
When all that is completed and initial tuition is paid, we look forward to caring for your child(ren) at our school.
What Parents Can Expect

Our first commitment is to the multi-dimensional development of the whole child.
You can expect that your child will be nurtured, helped to maximize their academic potential, learn to appreciate their unique role, be given a well-rounded academic and arts education and challenged to become the best that they can be.

We strive to ensure an environment that is physically and emotionally safe and supportive.
We are ever vigilant to ensure that the school building and grounds are physically safe, secure, and well maintained.

We aim to maintain open, honest, timely, and respectful communication with you about your child and about information affecting the school.

Model for your children respect: for them, their classmates, parents of classmates, teachers and other school staff; in short, for everyone associated with the school. Respect begins with civility and deepens into trust. Our most fundamental behavioral guidelines for the children are, "Respect yourself, respect others, and respect the environment." We expect the same from adults, parents, and school staff, at all times and in all relationships within the school. This includes speech and outward behavior.

As your child flourishes in this environment, we hope you will see an independent and confident individual developing. Our parents are sometimes surprised when their child's sense of order and concentration, developed from using the classroom materials, spills over at home and suddenly their room is picked up, shoes are put away and jackets are hung properly.

These documents are in PDF format.   If you need to download Adobe Reader, find it here.

Jennifer Pollastro - Director
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